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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 02 23 Clif bars don’t dry & The Trough by Angela

2011 02 23  Clif bars don’t dry & The Trough by Angela
Via Sat Phone to Deb

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND ANNIVERSARY TO STEVE!  The celebrations have started and I will update on those later today.  It did start with the traditional flares.  Angela said she took some great pics of Steve and Nigel with the flares.  She made Steve an apple brown Betty for breakfast and a HOT cup of coffee.  They have been using the solar boiler for heating water and it does not heat the water hot, only warm.  She pulled the stove out and heated water for Steve’s Birthday coffee.

There is plenty of food, but just not, what they are used to.  Now they are eating at the “Trough”.  Angela prefers “eating family style” but they keep correcting her.  The expedition meals are two or four servings.  They were eating their own packages, but now they are sharing these meals.  Angela makes them and passes them out to each watch, then they dip into the trough.  Angela tried to dry out Clif Bars to make into “cereal”, for 2 days Angela tried to get the Clif bar pieces to dry without success.  They have moved on to eating desert for breakfast.  Angela says they have lots of snack pack food, 75 foil packs of tuna. 250 drink mixes, 75 Emergen C packets and about 75 vitamin drink packets.  They have about 5 days worth of food and 3 days worth of emergency food.

Everyone is getting along well.  Angela put up her UN flag to fly on the boat to honor the spirit of cooperation.  She has flown that flag on every Ocean Rowing trip on which she has been.  The flag was presented to her by the UN for her first trip on RowofLife with Franck.  It represented two people from two different nations, two different languages, two different disabilities, two different lives, coming together to get one job done.

Everyone is excited that the winds are behind them again.  They were moving at 2.5 knots yesterday and today they are moving at 3.5-4knots.  Morale is excellent now that the boat is moving quickly and the end is in sight.  They have passed the 50-degree longitude line! The Port St Charles Marina is at Longitude 59 38’ 41.08”.  Tarfaya is at longitude 12 55’ 48”.  Therefore, they have travelled 38 longitude lines with 9 more to go.


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